The United Methodist Church of Anoka has a thriving music program!
Angelic Chime Choir
Rehearsal Time: 6-6:30pm on Wednesdays
Director: Kathy Chojnacki
Age group: Elementary/Middle School

The Angelic Chimes is the gateway group into the handbell program here at UMCA. Choir members learn the basics of handbell technique, rhythm and music reading as well as developing teamwork and coordination skills. We also love to experiment with different combinations of chimes, bells, mallets and rhythm instruments! Angelic Chimes plays in Sunday services 2-3 times during the school year.

Praise Hymn Worship Band
Rehearsal Time: 7-8pm on Tuesdays
Leader: Gary Ladyka
Age group: High School/Adult

The Praise Hymn Band is at the forefront of our contemporary music scene in Sunday morning worship. Focusing on clean vocal harmonies and a tight instrumental sound, we lead the congregation in a wide variety of musical styles including jazz, gospel, country, pop, New Age and more. We also collaborate with the Chancel and Jubilee choirs for a worship experience that really rocks the house! Praise Hymn leads worship approximately once a month and on special music Sundays throughout the year.

Jubilee Handbell Choir
Rehearsal Time: 6:00 – 7:00 pm on Tuesdays
Director: Kathy Chojnacki
Age group: High School/Adult

The Jubilee Handbell Choir is the upper level of UMCA’s handbell program. We love handbell pieces that fully utilize the beautiful 5-octave set of Schulmerich bells that we have available to us here at UMCA! Jubilee plays a huge variety of music from pop charts to hymn arrangements and everything in between. We also collaborate with Praise Hymn and Chancel Choir to round out our musical and worship experiences. Jubilee Bells plays in Sunday services approximately once a month and on special music Sundays throughout the year.

South Street Boys
Rehearsal Time 7-7:30pm on Wednesdays
Contact: Joe Paolo or Kathy Chojnacki
Age group: High School/Adult

We are so lucky here at UMCA to be able to offer an all-male singing experience! The South Street Boys are self-organized, self-rehearsed group of guys who just love to sing. We specialize in patriotic music and old-time gospel tunes, but we have also been known to pull out a pop chart or even arrange our own! Men of all skill levels and voice parts welcome! South Street sings in Sunday services 4-5 times per year.

Chancel Choir
Rehearsal Time: 7:30-9pm on Wednesdays
Director: Hannah Braasch
Age group: High School/Adult

The members of the UMCA Chancel Choir serve as the primary music leaders in Sunday services throughout the year. We prepare solo anthems, but we also lead the congregation in hymns and other service music. The Chancel Choir has a long tradition of high quality music-making, and we are always looking for new members who share our passion for singing! We lead worship twice a month at both services every Sunday, collaborate with the other UMCA ensembles as well as musicians from the greater Twin Cities Metro, and present special music events at various times throughout the year.

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