United Methodist Church of Anoka

Job Description: Traditional Music Director

  • Bachelor’s degree in music or equivalent experience
  • Experience in conducting vocal and instrumental ensembles
  • Self-directed and able to work independently to meet deadlines
  • Strong communication skills
  • Experience in a worship music setting preferred
  • Ability to arrange and chart music preferred
  • Works well with a team


  • Rehearse the Chancel Choir weekly on Wednesday nights, late-August to mid-May, and direct the choir for Sunday worship services approximately twice per month September – May
  • Prepare the Chancel Choir to sing two pieces (offertory and anthem) on Sundays when they are scheduled as worship musicians
  • Work with the music department staff to coordinate the annual September – May musicians schedule for worship
  • Communicate regularly with the Lead Pastor to coordinate themes and planning for worship services to provide consistency
  • Meet monthly with the Choir Board to coordinate the needs and expectations of the choir and to plan ahead for the future
  • Oversee the Music Ministry budget and work closely with the Lead Pastor to keep budget spending aligned
  • Organize and participate in, when appropriate, special music ensembles
  • Serve as a liaison between music ministry staff and office staff Arrange for qualified substitute in case of absence
  • Plan to participate in the following extra events throughout the year:
    • Community Thanksgiving service (Tuesday before Thanksgiving) – prep choir, participate on years when UMCA hosts
    • December Music Sunday (prepare extensive music with all ensembles, plan the service, coordinate with Lead Pastor)
    • Christmas Eve Services (partner with other ministry staff and music staff to prepare for and participate in these services)
    • Ash Wednesday service
    • Holy Week services as planned with Lead Pastor and staff
    • Easter Sunday (coordinate with special musicians and choir)
    • Spring Music Sunday (prepare extensive music with all ensembles, plan the service, coordinate with Lead Pastor)
    • Dress rehearsals for special events as needed
    • Chancel Choir fundraisers as appropriate
Reports to Lead Pastor; coordinates and collaborates with Music Coordinator/Organist, Ensembles Director, Praise Hymn Director, Choir Board, musicians
  • Anticipated 6-12 hours/week September-May and occasional hours June-August
  • Compensation TBD based on skill and experience levels
  • No benefits included with this position
  • Option to be compensated hourly (paid for time worked) or through an annual stipend paid in equal amounts monthly for 12 months
Start Date:      August 1, 2019 (or a later date)
To Apply:
Send cover letter and resume to umcanoka@gmail.com.
Initial round of applications accepted until June 15, at which time we will notify candidates of next steps.

If chosen as a candidate, the interview process will include conducting a rehearsal with choir members, where the candidate and the choir each choose a piece to rehearse together.