About Us

Sunday Worship services are streamed online on

Facebook and YouTube.

United Methodist Church of Anoka is a diverse, hope-filled, and inclusive congregation with a warm sense of fellowship and an enthusiastic spirit. At the center of all we do is the desire to follow Jesus and to provide hope to our community.

Our Mission: To make new disciples of Jesus Christ
for the transformation of the world.
Our Vision: Bringing hope to our community.

At UMCA, we PRAY always! Prayer is the foundation of everything we do as a faith community. We pray together as a congregation during Sunday worship, and we pray for one another’s requests in our closed Facebook group and email prayer chain. We believe God has a vision for our church and pray together for that vision to be revealed and for us to be bold as we live into God’s vision. All members of the church commit to prayer as a way of life.We pray with each other and for each other, sharing one another’s hopes and joys and sorrows and burdens. We pray for our church and for the United Methodist Church in the world, that all who come to us will find welcome and rest and hope.

At UMCA, we GROW in faith! That starts with showing up. Whether we’ve been following Jesus for 50 years or 15 minutes, all of us have growing to do. Our journey of getting to know God more fully and loving our neighbors more completely never ends. At UMCA, we expect our members to be ready to commit to their own faith journeys and to be open to growing together in faith!We strive to be a church where every person will have an opportunity to grow spiritually, to know what they believe, to be able to speak about their beliefs, and give voice to their questions.
At UMCA, we GIVE generously. We are part of something big – far bigger than ourselves. When we give to the church, we experience our small part in God’s very big mission. Giving invites us to trust God in meeting our personal needs and to love others with our resources as well as our emotions. Giving grows the kingdom of God, and giving glorifies God. As members of the church, we commit to giving financially at whatever level we are able, because we see generosity as part of faithful living. All our gifts come together to provide hope and to make disciples for the transformation of the world.
At UMCA, we SERVE others in the name of Jesus. We serve in many ways including through our signature United for the Community events, ministries of the month, and special events like cooking for the Simpson Shelter or hosting Family Promise rotating shelter in our building. We are committed to rolling up our sleeves for hands-on ministry in our neighborhood, and we strive to be the place our neighbors come to find help with basic necessities, activities for their families, and transformational worship experiences.
At UMCA, we SHARE the story! We lovingly pass down our traditions and the deep historical roots of our faith, and we embrace innovation and change as open doors for the work of the Holy Spirit. Our mission statement at UMCA is about making new disciples, which means we need to be reaching new people with the good news of God’s amazing love! We hope that members of our church are sharing the story of God’s love as well as inviting people to become part of that story here at our church. The overwhelming number of people who attend church for the first time do so because someone personally invited them.We do not wait for the world to come to us, we are the church in the world and we are bursting with love for Jesus and for our neighbors.
At UMCA, our lives are the stories of Jesus alive in the world!
For more information on United Methodist beliefs, please visit our denominational website at the link below: http://www.umc.org/what-we-believe/our-christian-roots-the-bible.
UMCA helps provide hope to our community through providing financial support and volunteers to community partners. Click here to learn more about our Community Outreach.